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High Speed Internet 89011

Henderson, NV 89011

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Do you need high speed wireless microwave internet or Wifi in 89011?  LV.Net provides top tier high speed wireless microwave internet in 89011.  Microwave internet is flexible and provides dependable high speed internet service regardless of weather or climate.  Technical staff keep the network up and running regardless of circumstances.

LV.Net’s technical department is trained and experienced.  They are able to assist with any network concern 24/7/365, no matter how far away any issue is from Las Vegas.  Over the years, demand for internet service has increased.  LV.Net has grown to meet the demand.  We have added more staff and developed our capabilities.  LV.Net’s microwave network extends throughout Nevada.  The microwave network’s range reaches Primm Valley, Mesquite, Pahrump, Boulder City, Henderson, and remote areas of the desert.  Microwave internet connections can be installed anywhere in Nevada, as well as in some parts of Southern California and Arizona.

Because cable is not used over distances that signals travel by wireless media, there is no concern about maintenance of fiber cable over these distances to ensure performance.  Microwave internet operates through a series of radio relays.  Wireless transmission travels at close to the speed of light in the outdoor environment.  LV.Net’s microwave network provides internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps without difficulty.  High speed wireless microwave internet can be installed in almost any type of area, including office buildings, homes, campgrounds, RV parks, and remote desert locations.  Microwave connections can be set up in one day, in some cases. 

LV.Net’s network is designed for 99.999% uptime.  Equipment that allows for pro-active maintenance is configured to report and alert for usage or port errors.  The network has a redundant power design.  Equipment used is standardized.  Duplicate equipment is stored and maintained.  Duplicate equipment can be used in the event that LV.Net’s technical staff determine it is the best option in any given case when maintaining the network.

Microwave broadcast travels in a line of sight path.  Fiber cables are not necessarily set up to carry signals in a straight line route.  Microwave broadcast can be a more efficient option in a particular case because the line of sight path can be a more direct route for a signal to travel than a cable route that is not as direct.  In addition, a fiber cable network can have more switches, routers, and hardware that a signal must travel through in any particular situation; bandwidth might be more limited at any given point in the signal’s route to its destination within a fiber cable network. 

Microwave point to point networks are available in 89011.  Point to point private business networks are fully secure.  Bandwidth speeds of up to 1 Gbps are available.  High speed microwave broadcast can support all voice, data, and video needs.  If you need high speed internet or Wifi in 89011 please give LV.Net a call today at 702-900-0000.  We will be in 89011 with the best in high speed microwave internet.

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