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89014 Henderson, Nevada High Speed Internet

Henderson, NV 89014

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89014 High Speed Internet, Henderson, Nevada

Looking for High Speed Internet in Henderson, Nevada? Are you considering high speed internet or Wifi in 89014?  LV.Net provides top tier high speed microwave internet in 89014 and beyond.  LV.Net provides the best in high speed internet without the hassles that sometimes come with installing fiber cable that could be costly and cumbersome.

Cost Savings - When comparing the costs of a microwave link vs. the cost of fiber
or the ongoing monthly cost of leased lines, microwave always offers considerable savings. A carrier charges high ongoing monthly costs and often requires a lengthy contract just to connect two buildings in a campus environment that are less than ½ mile apart. If fiber does not exist, the cost to install is very high. With a microwave system, the costs always result in a break even analysis of just a few months and almost always under a year and the considerable monthly costs are avoided or minimal (annual service contract). Some customers do not have money in their capital equipment budgets, and in that case, they can choose to lease their microwave equipment utilizing their operating budget and a cost comparison with leased lines or new fiber always results in the microwave systems as the most cost effective solution

High speed Internet provided by LV.Net is without a doubt the way to go!  LV.Net provides high speed connections and Wi-Fi throughout the entirety of Las Vegas, parts of California, and now most recently in Arizona.  We are working diligently to extend our superb services beyond.  Our coverage continues to grow on a daily basis, and our staff and capabilities continue to do the same. LV.Net's service has spread to multiple cities over the past couple years and has the capabilities to reach the most rural areas of all of these cities.

LV.Net’s customer service personnel are highly trained, experienced and the friendliest of any of our competitors.  They are available at all hours of the day, every day, including weekends and holidays.  LV.Net’s team of professionals can configure solutions for any of your Wi-Fi and Internet needs. Internet service can be installed quickly, and in most circumstances in just a few hours. Microwave Internet completely eliminates the need to install cable to carry signals over long distances as well as the hassles of maintaining cables. Our network is designed to handle the most sensitive data. Internet for all voice over data, and video needs can be provided in Henderson, Nevada, 89014.

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If you need high speed Internet or Wi-Fi for your home or business in the Henderson, Nevada, 89014, Call today, at 702-900-0000 for a quote.  We are ready and able to serve any and all needs for high speed internet microwave Internet or Wi-Fi.