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High Speed Internet 89018

Indian Springs, NV 89018

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Are you considering high speed internet or Wifi in 89018?  We have been providing the best in internet service for over 16 years.  LV.Net is ready and able to provide high speed microwave internet on any scale imaginable in this area.

LV.Net’s high speed microwave network is top tier.  Service is provided by microwave broadcast delivered through radio relays located throughout Nevada.  Our microwave network’s range is vast and is always expanding.  It serves Primm Valley, Boulder City, Las Vegas, Pahrump, 89018, and beyond. 

Signals that travel by wireless microwave broadcast move at close to the speed of light—a speed comparable to fiber optic cable.  The network provides internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps.  No burdensome installation of cable is required for microwave internet service.  Over distances that signals travel wirelessly, there is no need to maintain fiber optic cable.  It is flexible and able to reach areas where fiber cable cannot. 

Microwave internet can reach remote locations that do not have access to cable, and where there is limited access to power.  Our technicians keep the network up and running 24/7/365.  LV.Net’s technical staff are trained and experienced.  Installation of microwave internet is hassle free.  It can sometimes be done in one day. 

Microwave broadcast travels in a line of sight path.  This can be a shorter and more direct path than a signal travels in a fiber cable network, if the fiber cable network is not set up to carry a signal in a constant direction.  There are often fewer switches and routers that a signal travels through with a microwave network compared to a fiber cable network.  This can reduce the chance that the limitations of a piece of equipment might reduce network performance at any given point.

LV.Net’s microwave network is designed for 99.999% uptime.  Multiple transit links to towers use OSPF protocol and mesh topology for fail over.  The network has a redundant power design.  Equipment that allows for proactive management features is set up to report and alert of usage or port errors.  Network equipment is kept in a “cold spare” state in the event that technical staff decide that using duplicate equipment in any particular circumstance is the best option.

LV.Net provides point to point private business networks in 89018.  P2P private business networks can satisfy all voice, data, and video requirements.  These networks transfer data at rates of up to 1 Gbps and are fully secure.  Computer equipment is linked using microwave technology.  We also provide virtual private networks that use a high speed internet connection to network equipment and devices instead of using direct microwave links.  VPN transmissions are secured by data encryption and tunneling protocol. 

If you need high speed internet or Wifi service in 89018, please give LV.Net a call today at 702.900.0000.  We look forward to discussing internet options in this area.  LV.Net is the number one choice for high speed microwave internet in 89018.

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