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High Speed Internet 89023

Mercury, NV 89023

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Are you considering high speed internet in 89023 Mercury?  LV.Net has been providing the best in high speed wireless microwave internet for over 16 years.   Our high speed wireless microwave internet provides top tier service through a network of relays located all through Nevada and in some nearby parts of Southern California and Arizona.

Microwave transmission travels at close to the speed of light in the open air.  LV.Net’s network provides internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps without hindrance.  There is no need to install fiber cable to provide service.  Over distances that signals travel by wireless broadcast, there is no concern about the condition or performance of a fiber optic cable.

Microwave broadcast travels in a line of sight path.  This can be a more direct route than a signal travels through a fiber cable network in some cases.  The distance a network signal travels from its starting point to its ending point can be shorter with a microwave network compared to a fiber cable network, if the fiber network is not set up to carry signals in a straight direction.  There is often less hardware that a signal must travel through with a microwave network compared to fiber cable.  Employing less hardware reduces the chance that the limitations of an item of equipment that carries a signal could impair network performance at any given point such as by limiting bandwidth or deteriorating network latency characteristics.

LV.Net’s network covers a vast range.  It can provide top tier high speed internet almost anywhere in Nevada, including remote regions.  Because fiber cable is not required to provide service, microwave internet can reach areas where installing fiber cable is prohibitive.  LV.Net’s network serves Primm Valley, Boulder City, Mesquite, Henderson, Las Vegas, and beyond--including 89023 in Mercury.  Our microwave internet can reach nearby parts of Southern California and Arizona.

LV.Net’s microwave network is designed for 99.999% uptime.  Licensed carrier grade radios are used on major backbone points.  It is designed with unmatched redundancy and flexibility, including a redundant power design.  Equipment is maintained in a “cold spare“ state in the case that technical staff determine that using duplicate equipment is the best option in any given situation.  Network equipment that allows for proactive management and maintenance features is configured to report and alert of usage or port errors.  Transit links to towers use OSPF protocol and mesh topology for fail over.

LV.Net provides point to point private business networks in 89023.  P2P networks use direct microwave connections to link computers and devices.  P2P networks can serve all voice, video, and data storage needs.  Virtual private networks are also available from LV.Net in 89023.  VPNs use an internet connection instead of direct microwave links to network equipment. 

Over the years LV.Net has added staff and increased its capabilities.  Our technicians are trained and experienced.  They make sure that the network remains up and running at all hours, every day of the year, regardless of weather or other conditions.  Microwave internet is convenient to install.  There are usually no difficulties.  It can sometimes be installed in one day.  Microwave internet is often more cost effective than installing new fiber cable or leasing lines, and can provide first rate back up internet where a fiber cable network is already in use. 

If you are considering high speed internet in 89023 in Mercury, please give LV.Net a call at 702.900.0000.  We will be in 89023 Mercury to provide the best in high speed wireless microwave internet on any scale.

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