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High Speed Internet 89040


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Do you need high speed 89040 Internet or Wifi?  LV.Net provides the best in high speed microwave internet.  We are ready and able to serve any high speed internet requirements in 89040. 

LV.Net has over 16 years of experience providing the best in internet service in the Las Vegas area.  We have the experience and capabilities to deliver high speed microwave internet on any scale imaginable.  LV.Net’s microwave network is top tier.  Microwave internet does not require installation of fiber optic cable for service.  LV.Net is able to provide sites with microwave internet that fiber cable cannot serve.  

LV.Net is able to install high speed microwave internet in almost all types of buildings.  Hotels & motels, office towers, residences, and warehouses are all serviceable.  LV.Net’s technical staff is experienced.  They keep the network operating 24/7/365.  Microwave internet can be installed in remote locations as well.  Our technicians install microwave connections and Wifi for use in RV parks, parking lots, vacant plots of land, and remote desert areas.  Setting up a connection is hassle free.  It can sometimes be done in one day.

LV.Net’s wireless network provides service through a series of microwave relays.  Microwave radio broadcast travels at close to the speed of light in the outdoor environment.  LV.Net’s microwave network provides internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps without difficulty.  Our microwave network is built with unmatched flexibility and redundancy.  It is designed for 99.999% uptime.  Major backbone points use licensed carrier grade radios.  Multiple transit links use OSPF protocol for fail over between routes and mesh topology.  The network has a redundant power design.  Equipment is standardized and kept in a cold spare state.  Technical staff can decide whether to use duplicate equipment when it is determined to be the best option in any given situation. 

One issue with fiber cable is that it can sometimes need maintenance in order to deliver expected performance.  However, fiber cable is not used when data is transmitted over distances covered by microwave broadcast.  Maintenance of a fiber cable over these distances is not a concern.  LV.Net’s microwave network can provide top tier high speed wireless internet almost anywhere in Nevada.  Our network serves Boulder City, Mesquite, Primm Valley, Pahrump, 89040, the Las Vegas area and beyond. 

LV.Net provides point to point private business networks in 89040.  These networks link computers and devices with a direct microwave connection.  Point to point networks can satisfy all voice, video, and data requirements and transmit data at speeds of up to 1 Gpbs.  Virtual private networks in 89040 are another option supplied by LV.Net.  VPNs use an internet connection instead of a direct microwave link in order to connect computers and devices.  The connection is secured with data encryption and VPN tunneling protocol. 

If you are considering high speed internet in the 89040 area, please call LV.Net at 702.900.0000.  We look forward to discussing high speed internet options in 89040 for any requirements you might have.

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