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High Speed Internet 89044

Henderson, NV 89044

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Do you need high speed internet or Wifi in 89044?  LV.Net provides the best in high speed wireless microwave internet in 89044.  For over 16 years, we have provided the best in internet service in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.  We have the experience and capabilities to deliver the best in high speed microwave internet in 89044.  LV.Net’s network is top tier.  It provides service via microwave radio broadcast through a series of relays that are located all through Nevada.  LV.Net’s technicians keep the network up and running at all times.  They are experienced and available to assist with any network connection or performance issue at all hours of the day, every day of the year. 

Fiber cable can require maintenance from time to time in order to ensure performance.  Over the lengths that signals travel by wireless transmission, there is no concern about maintenance of a fiber optic cable.  Microwave internet is able to service areas that cannot be accessed with fiber cable.  LV.Net’s microwave network’s coverage area spans Nevada.  It reaches beyond Las Vegas, and includes Boulder City, Primm Valley, Mesquite, Summerlin, and 89044.

LV.Net’s microwave network is designed for 99.999% uptime.  It has a redundant power design and unmatched flexibility.  Licensed carrier grade radios are used on backbone points.  OSPF protocol and mesh topology are used for fail over.  Equipment is kept in a cold spare state in the event that technical staff determine that using duplicate equipment is the best option in any given circumstance.  Equipment that permits proactive management and maintenance features is configured to report and alert of usage or port errors.

Microwave broadcast travels in a straight path.  In some cases, data transmitted by microwave radio can travel a more efficient path than in a fiber cable network, if the cable network is not set up to carry signals in a straight direction.  There is often less equipment and fewer switches that a signal travels through with a microwave network compared to a fiber cable network.  This can reduce the possibility that the limitations of any piece of equipment the signal passes through on its way to its destination point could impair performance.

LV.Net provides point to point private business networks in 89044.  Point to point networks are fully secure.  P2P networks link computers and devices using a direct microwave connection.  They can satisfy all voice, video, and data requirements.  Secure virtual private networks that use an internet connection to link equipment can also be provided.  A VPN connection is secured by data encryption and VPN tunneling protocol.

If you are considering high speed internet in 89044, LV.Net has solutions for any internet need no matter how small or large the project.  Call us today at 702.900.0000.  We will be in 89044 to provide top tier high speed microwave internet on any scale.

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