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Searchlight Nevada, High Speed Internet

Searchlight, NV 89046

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High Speed Internet Searchlight, Nevada

LV.Net has been providing quality Internet service to the Las Vegas and surrounding areas for over 24 years. We have the experience and resources needed to meet any requirement for high speed Internet access throughout Nevada, California, Arizona and the most rural areas you can imagine.

LV.Net can provide point-to-multipoint Internet anywhere that has line of sight
to our microwave network, which includes most places in Nevada and we are growing to the surrounding states such as California and Arizona. Point-to-multipoint Internet is convenient and can be installed most places just as long as power is available (even solar power is a viable an option.) This includes lodging facilities, office complexes, RV parks, and areas of vacant land in the middle of the desert. If you are planning a convention or a one-time event, LV.Net is the way to go.

Our Superior technical support team keeps LV.Net's microwave network up and running
regardless of weather conditions. Because of our 24/7/365 availability, we are always working around the clock to assure the best service. LV.Net's technicians are trained, experienced, friendly and professional. Our microwave network performs undeterred by weather or climate.

With over two decade of service and a top tier internal support team, LV.Net high speed
wireless/microwave Internet is guaranteed to stay up and running no matter what the circumstance is. Our technical support is available 24/7 and our network also features redundancy on a scale that cannot compare with any competition. With LV.Net, be assured that you stay connected, no matter what obstacles get in the way.

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Contact us today at 702.900.0000 to learn more about the high speed Internet solutions available. We also provide colocation, cloud computing, and web services for your Las Vegas business. With main facilities in Las Vegas, colocation, hosting and data center locations are convenient options for LV.Net's clients.