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High Speed Internet 89077

Henderson, NV 89077

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Are you considering high speed internet or Wifi in 89077?  LV.Net provides the best in top tier high speed microwave internet in 89077.  LV.Net has served the Las Vegas area for over 16 years.  We have the capabilities and stability to deliver maximum high speed internet.

LV.Net’s microwave network can cover almost all locations in Nevada.  This includes Primm Valley, Boulder City, Las Vegas, Henderson, and 89077.  Parts of Arizona and Southern California are also served by our network.

Our high speed microwave network operates via microwave radio broadcast.  Relays are located throughout Nevada.  Microwave transmission travels at close to the speed of light for miles between relays.  Over these lengths, fiber cable is not used to carry the signal, and there is no concern about whether the condition of a fiber cable could affect the performance of the network.  There is often less hardware and fewer switches that a signal must pass through with microwave internet.  This can mean a more effective transmission of data with less chance that the limitations of any piece of equipment could impair data transmission.  The network delivers internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps without difficulty.  Installation of microwave internet is hassle-free.  It can sometimes be done in one day. 

The flexibility of wireless microwave internet allows it to be installed in places that fiber cable cannot.  Microwave internet is often the best choice compared to fiber cable or leased lines because of its flexibility, speed of installation, and cost effectiveness.  Installing a microwave connection often takes less time than other options; there can be less of an investment involved; and the payback period can sometimes be more favorable in some circumstances.  Microwave internet can serve as back up internet where fiber cable has already been installed. 

LV.Net’s technical staff keep the microwave network up and running 24/7/365 regardless of the weather or climate.  They are trained and experienced.  Our technicians are available to help with any network issue no matter how far it might be from Las Vegas.

LV.Net’s microwave network is built with unmatched flexibility and redundancy.  It is designed for 99.999% uptime.  Network equipment used is standardized and kept in a “cold spare” state.  Equipment permitting pro-active management and maintenance features is configured to report of usage or port errors.  Towers with multiple transit links use OSPF protocol and mesh topology for fail over.  Licensed carrier-grade radios are used on major backbone points.  The network also has a redundant power design.

If you are considering high speed internet in 89077, please give LV.Net a call today at 702.900.0000.  We will be in 89077 with top tier high speed wireless microwave internet for any internet requirements.  We look forward to speaking with you about high speed internet options available in 89077.

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