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89077 Henderson, Nevada, High Speed Internet

Henderson, NV 89077

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89077 Fast Wi-Fi Services Henderson

High Speed Internet is available now to businesses and residents living in Henderson, Nevada 89077. Faster and more reliable Wi-Fi provided by LV.Net – Call 702.900.0000 - today for a quote!!!! We offer a variety of different internet services with connections available from 1Mbs to 10Gbps.

Our Technical staff keeps LV.Net's microwave network up and running
regardless of any weather conditions 99.999% of the time. We pride ourselves on being available 24/7/365. LV.Net's technicians and customer support service department are highly trained, friendly and knowledgeable. Our microwave network performs remarkably, is top tier and designed with unmatched flexibility and redundancy. The network is supported with a backup power supply. Standardized equipment is used that is kept in a "cold spare" state in the event that there is a need to replace it. Equipment that allows for pro-active management is installed to report and alert for usage or port errors. No other internet company can compare to us.

High speed wireless Internet provided by LV.Net is without peer.
We have offices just blocks from the Las Vegas Strip, LV.Net proudly bases its operations in the city of Las Vegas. We have worked hard to extend our excellent service throughout Las Vegas and beyond for the last 25 years. Our coverage continues to grow extensively, and our staff and capabilities continue to do the same.

LV.Net's network infrastructure is top-tier and robust!
This allows us to deliver internet service to the most remote and rural places that traditional ISPs are unable to provide. With almost 25 years of proven excellent service and a verifiable track record of excellence, LV.Net remains the best High Speed Internet in Henderson, Nevada. Call 702.900.0000 to learn more about how LV.Net can serve your internet needs today. Check us out on Yelp to read more about our services from our loyal customers.

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Call today to find out more. Our Team of Customer Service Representatives are standing by now to answer any and all of your questions. 702.900.0000 or email us at