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89124 Las Vegas, Nevada, High Speed Internet

Las Vegas, NV 89124

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89124 Fast Wi-Fi Services Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada High Speed Internet and Wi-Fi  With over 24 years building a top notch network and always expanding and improving has made us one of the best providers of high speed Internet in all of Nevada and has now expanded to parts California and Arizona.

Our Internet service can be installed throughout Nevada, in Southern California, and now we have reached Arizona.  LV.Net’s microwave network can reach almost anywhere in these locations.  LV.Net can service even very remote areas with ease.  The best in high speed Internet is available for MDUs, such as townhouses, condos, hotels/motels, condos, and apartment buildings. 

Looking for High Speed Internet for your business in Las Vegas, Nevada 89021?  LV.Net provides Top Tier Internet service through its enterprise class network. Point-to-point (P2P) private business networks that is available in Las Vegas, Nevada.  P2P networks link equipment wirelessly through direct connections. These networks transfer data at rates of up to 10+Gbps.

Our technical support team offers expertise and resources that are needed to address any and all complications that may arise 24 hours a day (including weekends and holidays).  Our staffs' knowledge and expertise gives them the techniques and the ability for our network to function on a level that our competition just cannot compete. At LV.Net, our emphasis is on flexibility and redundancy which assures that our customers can access the Internet in all sorts of conditions where other companies seem to fail.  

Advantages of having LV.Net: 24 hour support by our friendly, knowledgeable customer service and technical support team; Our microwave connection installation is easy, quick and hassle free; Installation takes no longer than a few hours; No Data Caps; LV.Net is a locally owned business with over 24 years' experience (That’s experience you can trust!)

LV.Net’s Top Tier Internet service can provide for any Internet need imaginable. You name it, we serve it. Apartments, MDUs, RV Parks, Conventions, Small Businesses, Big Businesses, short term internet, casinos, etc. LV.Net’s network’s speed, as well as the connection that provides access to our network.  It is designed to remain unimpaired regardless of weather conditions.  We have flexible and redundant power.

LV.Net’s installation technicians and field technicians are qualified, trained and experienced.  We all work together with other managers and technical staff within our company to install a configuration.

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Contact us today at 702.900.0000 to learn more about the high speed Internet solutions available.  We also provide colocation, cloud computing, and web services for your Las Vegas business.  With main facilities in Las Vegas, colocation, hosting and data center locations are convenient options for LV.Net’s clients. 


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