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89134 Las Vegas, Nevada, High Speed Internet

Las Vegas, NV 89134

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89134 Wi-Fi Services, Las Vegas, Nevada

LV.Net brings Las Vegas, Nevada 89134 High Speed Microwave Internet!  Are you looking for short term internet, alternative energy, internet for your apartment or R.V. Park Trailer? Do you have a small business? No job is too small (or too large) for LV.Net. Our around-the-clock customer service department and technical support team will make certain that your network is receiving optimal speeds. With LV.Net's microwave internet, you'll be able to drop the hassles with cumbersome fiber installation.

For almost 25 years of providing top notch customer service and dedication to the Internet Service Industry in Las Vegas, Nevada, LV.Net has grown to meet the challenges of a competitive market. Featuring services that extend to Las Vegas, Primm Valley, Boulder City, California, Arizona and Pahrump, LV.Net guarantees our infrastructure will meet your Internet needs.

The demand for High Speed Internet Service has been growing on a level unimaginable
since LV.Net opened its' doors over two decades ago. Our company has increased its' staff and technology to keep up with that demand. LV.Net provides microwave Internet anywhere in Nevada, California and is now available in Arizona reaching the most rural parts of all of these states. With the most adequate power available (some of these locations only rely on solar-generated power)!

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If you need high speed Internet or Wi-Fi for your home or business in the Las Vegas, Nevada. Don't wait, Call LV.Net day or night at 702-900-0000.