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89139 Las Vegas, Nevada, High Speed Internet

Las Vegas, NV 89139

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89139 Fast Wi-Fi Services Las Vegas, Nevada

Our high speed microwave network is designed with unmatched flexibility.  LV.Net can reach areas that are difficult to serve with standard fiber cable. Our network is designed for almost 100% uptime. Our Equipment is kept in a cold spare state in case a situation develops that requires the use of duplicate equipment. The network has a back-up power supply.

LV.Net's customer service personnel are vastly trained and amongst the friendliest in all of Las Vegas. We pride ourselves on being the most dependable Internet Company in Las Vegas. We are available at all hours of the day, every day, including nights, weekends and holidays. LV.Net's team of professionals will configure solutions for all of your Wi-Fi and Internet needs. Our Internet service can be installed quickly and in most circumstances in just a few hours. Microwave Internet completely eliminates the need to install cable to carry signals over long distances as well as the hassles of maintaining cables.

LV.Net's residential internet service is not limited to just Las Vegas. We provide service to all surrounding areas, no matter the location or size. Neighborhoods as small as cul-de-sacs in the middle-of-nowhere, to high-rises located on the Las Vegas Strip; LV.Net delivers quality high-speed wireless internet with a connection that is constant. LV.Net provides coverage in areas and residential neighborhoods others can't. We have the experience and technical know-how to service any size, type, or kind of residential neighborhood.

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