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89195 Las Vegas, Nevada, High Speed Internet

Las Vegas, NV 89195

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89195 Fast Wi-Fi Services, Las Vegas, Nevada

With nearly two decade of service and a top tier internal support team, LV.Net high speed wireless/microwave Internet is guaranteed to stay up and running no matter what the circumstance is. Our technical support is available 24/7 and our network also features redundancy on a scale that cannot compare with any competition.

Whether you use the internet to surf the web or you are a professional YouTuber, LV.Net can customize your package to match your internet needs. Not to mention take away the stress of overages! We are the only locally-owned Internet Service Provider that does not cap your internet usage – NO DATA CAPS! When you sign up for any one of our residential high-speed internet packages, you can surf the internet whenever you want however long you want without worrying of going over your designated plan.

Our Internet service can be installed throughout Nevada, in Southern California, almost anywhere in these locations. LV.Net can service even very remote areas with ease. The best in high speed Internet is available for MDUs, such as townhouses, condos, hotels/motels, condos, and apartment buildings. We service construction sites, convention centers, strip malls, or your temporary internet for your any project you have.

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If you need high speed internet or Wifi service in Las Vegas, Nevada 89195, please give LV.Net a call today at 702.900.0000.