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Apartment and Condo buildings Wi-Fi


Are you considering high speed Wi-Fi for an apartment or condo building? Smaller size areas that provide Internet service to many users at the same time benefit from having total Internet use managed through one or a limited number of Internet connections. There are a limited number of unlicensed frequencies available to connect to the Internet. When the same frequency is used by more than one person in a nearby space, interference occurs that impairs Internet use. It benefits Internet users to try and manage Internet use in a smaller size space from one or a limited number of connections. One way to encourage users to connect to the Internet at one or fewer points and have the total Internet traffic allocated among available unlicensed frequencies is to offer Wi-Fi Internet. This can be the best option for an apartment or condo building.

LV.Net provides Wi-Fi to apartment and condo buildings through its high speed wireless microwave network. LV.Net has been providing the best in Internet service for over 18 years. Our network is time tested, and our technicians are trained and experienced. Microwave broadcast travels between relays that are located miles apart. It travels at close to the speed of light in the outdoor atmosphere. LV.Net's microwave network provides Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps without difficulty. LV.Net's microwave network extends across Nevada, and reaches some nearby parts of surrounding states, such as Southern California and Arizona. Microwave Internet is flexible and hassle-free to install. There is no concern about maintaining or installing new fiber cable. LV.Net's network is designed for 99.999% uptime and unmatched performance.

If you need high speed Wi-Fi for an apartment or condo building please give LV.Net a call at 702.900.0000. We are ready and able to provide top tier high speed Wi-Fi for any Internet requirement anywhere in Nevada.

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