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Cloud Computing: Benefits of Accessing Centralized Equipment From a Remote Location

Cloud Computing: Benefits of Accessing Centralized Equipment From a Remote Location

Cloud computing can have the potential to enhance the use of computer equipment and IT services, in addition to making a company’s use of computer equipment and IT services more efficient. In the case of a business that uses equipment in a number of different locations, differences can be significant.

There can be possibilities to achieve economies of scale when equipment that runs applications—a system’s “back end”—is located on a secure site, and where accessing the back end remotely from a system’s “front end.” The storage site for the back end equipment can be in a location where it is convenient to support. A system’s “back end” may be accessed via the internet, or by installing a direct microwave connection. In many cases, using an internet connection to access “back end” equipment instead of using a direct microwave connection makes the most sense.

By configuring a system to run most of its functions on the back end, it can be possible to reduce equipment on the front end. The front end can be minimized to the hardware and software needed to access and use the back end from over the internet. Back end equipment can be located on LV.Net’s premises under an environment that is secure, climate controlled, and efficient to maintain. By centralizing equipment in one location, IT staff can more easily support it. Physical security provided at LV.Net’s premises for back end equipment protects data where it is stored from unauthorized access. The controlled environment provides stable conditions that help keep equipment safe from an unpredictable climate.

By using a system’s back end equipment to a fuller potential and by reducing the front end equipment to the minimum needed to access back end equipment, it can be possible to use a computer system to a greater potential, use less equipment overall, and reduce maintenance costs. It can also be possible to achieve greater system reliability and protection from data loss by locating back end equipment in a more ideal and secure environment.

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