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Condos High Speed Internet

LV.Net provides the best in high speed Internet service to multi-dwelling-unit condominiums in Las Vegas and beyond.  Our high speed wireless Internet is cost effective and among the fastest anywhere.  LV.Net’s Las Vegas data centers have high availability. Our Tier 1 licensed wireless backbone together with our data centers allows our team to supply the equivalent speed and performance of fiber cable Internet through a wireless microwave medium.  LV.Net technicians can install a wireless connection quickly, often in one business day. 

LV.Net's qualified staff design and install an entry link with complete failover.  There will never be a single point that can malfunction causing the entire network to crash.  Our experienced and trained technical staff will install a fiber backbone in your condominium and connect all individual units through it.  This provides flexibility for each property unit and the benefits of an enterprise grade firewall for every user.

Our different plans allow owners to save by purchasing high speed Internet in bulk and distributing it to multiple users through the network backbone; or we can provide service directly to end users.  LV.Net’s high speed Internet plans can create revenue for apartment owners as well as provide the best service to tenants.  Call LV.Net today to consider how your condominium can fully benefit from our high speed Internet service.

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