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Construction Site High Speed Convention Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi


Construction Site High Speed Convention Internet

Do you need High Speed Internet on a construction site for a convention or other event?
LV.Net has the ability to provide High Speed Wireless Internet service on construction sites throughout Nevada and neighboring states. On-site personnel in these areas can communicate more effectively using our service. Unlike our competitors offering a wired connection, we can deploy our High Speed Wireless Internet service fast and relatively inexpensive. Within a day, you can be up and running at speeds up to 1GBps an up. Not to mention, our service can reach any area, no matter how remote or dense.

LV.Net is able to provide such impeccable service using microwave technology. Microwave technology permit signals to travel at speeds approaching the speed of light within a direct line-of-sight path. Since the path traveled by a microwave signal is constant, the route can be shorter than the one traveled within a cable or fiber network if the network is not designed to carry signals in a straight direction. As a result, latency is reduced, allowing for a strong internet connection.

For nearly 20 years, LV.Net has provided its customers with reliable High Speed Wireless Internet service through its robust microwave network. Coupled with our 24/7/365 technical support available and excellent customer service addressing any problems or issues that may arise, LV.Net is the company our customers trust in delivering the High Speed Internet service they depend on and need.

LV.Net can install High Speed Wireless Internet service on any construction site regardless of location. If you need us, we're just a phone call away at 702.900.0000. LV.Net has the technical know-how, experience, and capabilities to provide fast and dependable High Speed Wireless Internet service on any scale at a moment's notice.

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