Las Vegas Downtown Connect free Wi-Fi is powered by LV.Net. Free high speed Wi-Fi is provided to residents and visitors. It is one of the nation's largest free Wi-Fi networks with over 100+ devices over a number of square miles. LV.Net's wireless network covers around three square miles in Downtown Las Vegas. Another three square miles of the Downtown corridor is also served. One square mile of coverage uses about 90 Wi-Fi hotspots.

LV.Net's wireless network infrastructure can allow people to do work in locations outside their regular office. Some of the demand for transportation during times of high traffic congestion can potentially be lessened to some degree when people are able to work in different places. This is possible with a city wide Wi-Fi system. Being able to work outside of a regular office can also reduce unproductive time and the expense caused by unnecessary travel.

Tourists and visitors can also benefit from Downtown Connect free Wi-Fi. Downtown Connect free Wi-Fi can provide information about attractions, events, and travel information in the local Las Vegas area. The network serves laptop users, provides optimization for Tablets, Smartphones and iPhones. It provides service to persons that do not have cost effective access to the Internet.

Unlicensed frequencies that are available to connect to the Internet are limited. When too many users in a small area try to connect wirelessly and use the same frequency, signal interference occurs. LV.Net's Downtown Connect free Wi-Fi allows people to use a smaller number of Internet access points and effectively allocates the use of the unlicensed frequencies among all users. This improves Internet performance and quality by preventing signal interference.

LV.Net's high speed Wi-Fi network can cover large areas. Experienced and trained staff design and install the network taking into consideration all the unique features of the project. Our team has over a decade of experience installing and maintaining large scale networks in the Las Vegas area. It takes experience to get proficient at installing equipment on different types of structures, obtaining power, using the right tools, and maintaining network components - especially in Las Vegas's hot desert climate. LV.Net has this experience.

LV.Net's city Wi-Fi system is Tier 1. It uses redundant enterprise-class POPs which distribute its backhaul Internet systems. City Wi-Fi systems can cover miles of area without difficulty. LV.Net uses custom software that addresses the specific needs of our network and takes into consideration load levels and integration of all of our data center services. In the event that an error occurs at one point in the network, the system is programmed to form a new mesh network that transmits the signal through the shortest path possible. LV.Net is not aware of any other system that exceeds its network's standards.

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