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Hotels High Speed Internet

LV.Net has the fastest and most cost competitive high speed Internet for hotels that provide service to multiple onsite units.  Our cutting edge data centers are available and work together with our tier 1 wireless backbone to provide unmatched performance.  LV.Net’s high speed microwave Internet for hotels is an alternative to fiber cable.  It does not require ongoing maintenance and configuration of cable equipment.  LV.Net’s microwave network can provide ideal high speed back up Internet where cable service is already in use.  High speed wireless Internet from LV.Net can be installed overnight.  Our wireless Internet allows you to provide performance that matches fiber cable at a lower cost.

Entry links are designed with complete failover.  LV.Net’s network will never have one point where a malfunction could cause the entire network to suspend service.  A fiber backbone will be installed by LV.Net’s experienced and knowledgeable staff.  Units that provide high speed Internet service to individuals are linked to the network’s backbone.  This provides each unit independent use of the Internet while ensuring an enterprise grade firewall for each outlet.  It can be cost effective for a hotel to purchase Internet service in bulk and distribute it to its individual onsite users.  In the case where there are not many individual Internet users, LV.Net is able to service end users directly without installing a separate network backbone.

LV.Net provides a number of different plans for hotels with needs to service multiple high speed Internet users.  Different plans can generate income for providers while still offering the best high speed Internet service to hotel guests.  Please call us today to get more information about the different options we can provide for your hotel and to consider the potential advantages of each of our high speed Internet service plans.

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