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Internet of Things

Internet of Things
Posted by Olga Furs

I’m sure everyone at least once heard the term “Internet of Things” or “IoT”.  People discuss it in social media, TV shows, professional forums and communities. For most people who do not work closely with the technology field, this term tells either nothing or that they can buy more things through Internet. But at the same time the Internet of Things is considered to be the biggest of all current technology trends.

So what is the Internet of Things? Basically the IoT is a network of multiple devices and data-gathering sensors that interconnect with each other without human involvement. Sensors gather data, compare and evaluate the data, so that devices can make their own decisions and take action on that data accordingly. This concept is the fundamental principle of actively developing smart homes and smart cities.

In essence, IoT is the technology that will make our lives easier and more efficient. It can be used by both small households and by city authorities. This technology allows the optimization electricity and water consumption, securing the home, managing how traffic flows and increasing driver safety, running production facilities, and preserving nature. Some experts point out that at the moment people can’t even imagine and predict how our lives might change when the Internet of Things is implemented all over the world.

Since data security is a concern when humans enter machine-to-machine communications; as no one can guarantee that they won’t do it with malicious intentions, hopefully it won’t turn out as in some robots-disaster movies, but someone’s joke or even mistake may cause huge problems in the scale of a city or country. Also, software and hardware may cause some issues; bugs, fast paced development, high costs of hardware replacement, etc. will all contribute to the timeline required for the IoT to be deployed ubiquitously throughout the globe. Distinguished Research and Development teams from both Universities and Corporations are working on the development and implementation including: Stanford, Dartmouth, Cisco, Ericsson, Amazon, AT&T, General Electric, IBM, and many others.

Internet Service Providers are also imperative to the Internet of Things expansion. The IoT is a cloud based network; it is mobile, virtual, and live, Iot doesn’t function without reliable and fast Internet connections, and secure data storage. Life enhancing software and hardware can be built to support Iot, but the Internet is what makes this concept possible.

If you see the real potential of the Internet of Things and would like to start implementing it in your life at any scale, from your home to your business, and are looking for a provider that can guarantee reliable High-Speed Internet and Secured Data Storage with 24/7/365 technical support, just send you request to Sales@LV.Net or give us a call at 702.900.0000, and we’ll make sure that the future will come today! 

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