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The current fast paced business environment makes it crucial for companies to attract and retain best employees. As in the past the practice of job-hopping is getting less and less attractive for people, they tend to want to stay with the same employer longer than people used to do 10 years ago. (Employee Tenure in 2014, Bureau of Labor Statistics. September 18, 2014)  



Companies who understand the labor market changes have internship programs to involve, teach and eventually hire the best young professionals. Many large corporations have even created their own corporate universities (General Motors (1927!), General Electric, Walt Disney, Intel, McDonalds and thousands of others) to have loyal and professional personnel. 



The majority of internships are designed for the college and universities students; High School pupils typically had to settle for either their parents businesses’ as errand boys or bus boys at fast food restaurants. Times have changed! Now sixteen/seventeen years olds have the chance to gain real work experience, bring up ideas and participate in decision making process. They can create valuable and innovative products and services, while gaining experience and skills. 


The big struggle students and grads face is finding a job during or after college, employers want twenty years old employees with PhD and 30 years of experience. Many grads can only show the bags under their eyes from hard studying and endless exams. Those that have internship records in their resumes have a greater advantage over their counterparts while applying for jobs. According to the statistical data, about one third of all entry-level new hires come from the internship programs; obviously internship creates a “win-win” situation for both students and companies.


If you want to make a decision on your future profession, understand how business works, or get some hands on experience in the field of your education, consider participation in the LV.Net internship program. Just email your work history with contact details to HR@LV.Net and we will meet with you to discuss our common interests and potential collaboration.   

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