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Motels High Speed Internet

LV.Net delivers the fastest high speed Internet for motels that are considering high speed Internet for multiple units.  Microwave Internet is usually the best choice for price, quality, and speed of installation.  Our tier 1 licensed wireless backbone and high availability data centers allow us to deliver a full range of high speed  Internet and IT services with performance that matches fiber cable.  LV.Net is able to install microwave Internet overnight in many cases.  LV.Net’s microwave network provides you with the performance of fiber cable Internet without the potential expense and hassle installing it.    

LV.Net’s expert staff ensures that there is no single point in the network that can break down and stall the entire network.  They will install a fiber backbone on the motel premises and link all units onsite that are expected to provide Internet service.  Each unit will have independent use of the Internet as well as the power of an enterprise grade firewall provided through the network backbone.  LV.Net provides a number of plans that allow a motel to save by receiving high speed Internet service in volume.  Alternatively, LV.Net is able to provide high speed Internet service to the end user directly when needed.  LV.Net has high speed Internet service plans that ensure the best service to motel guests and that generate income for owners.  Please call LV.Net to discuss how your motel can benefit from LV.Net’s high speed Internet service.

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