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SSL Web Hosting

Purchase SSL Certificates for eCommerce, Online Shopping Carts
and Payment Transactions

SSL Certificates for your website or online business are required for secure processing of online financial transactions, such as online shopping
and bill payment. LV.Net provides SSL Certificates for secure hosted shopping carts, ecommerce, and payment processing, either to add-on
to an existing account, or to be purchased as individual services.

  • domain validation

    Quick, effective and cost effective SSL solution. Perfect for small companies who want secure communications.

  • full validation

    Professional level certificates providing 256-bit encryption. Certificates provide customers with the ultimate in web security and are ideal for securing eCommerce sites.

  • extended validation

    Provides absolute security authentication. Renders browser address bar green, showing customers they have reached a highly authenticated website. EV Certificates are ideal for securing high transaction volumes or value, providing the highest level of encryption and authentication available.

eCommerce Trend Statistics

  • 65% of Internet users shop online
  • eCommerce in the U.S. alone reached $225 billion in 2009
  • eCommerce industry is growing at a rate of 25% per year

Potential Risks of Online Shopping

  • 52 million Americans have been exposed to online fraud of some kind
  • 87% of online shoppers consider credit card fraud to be a major concern
  • 90% of internet users are unable to distiguish a phishing website from a legitimate site

What Your Customers Expect

  • 84% of online shoppers believe businesses aren't doing enough to protect them
  • 86% of shoppers online want to see 3rd party trust markers
  • 65% of online shoppers have abandoned a purchase due to security concerns.

SSL Certification: Secure Server and Internet Security Promotes Conversions

Providing SSL ceritificates within the complete suite of web services is another way LV.Net assists clients to build successful online businesses.
The yearly statistics on ecommerce show promising growth in the number of online shoppers and the total profit earned in this industry.
SSL Certificates create a safe, secure environment on your website to assure your visitors' security and privacy concerns regarding online
shopping. By meeting the expectations of your site's visitors, you can maximize conversions and encourage repeat business in the future.

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