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Shoshone High Speed Internet

Shoshone High Speed Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi

Are you looking for High Speed Wireless Internet and Wi-Fiin Shoshone, California?
High Speed Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi provided by LV.Net is now available in Shoshone, California through using microwave technology. Going this route is much less cost prohibitive than installing fiber cable. In fact, due to the remoteness of the area, cable companies and telco providers wouldn't even consider installing the cabling necessary to receive high speed internet service. That's where we at LV.Net come in. By setting up microwave links, we can have you up and running in no time. That is why we are the top choice for providing high speed internet service in Shoshone.

From a cost analysis standpoint, Wireless Microwave Internet is far more cost-effective than fiber cable Using LV.Net as your service provider, the break-even point for your business can range from 3-6 months up to a year. In comparison, it may take years for you to reach your break-even point going with a fiber cable service provider. Once you finally do break-even, the technology would be outdated and additional upgrades would be needed, costing you more money. Why not go with LV.Net: the company that offers you certainty in cost and service.

Microwave internet works in this fashion: data is transmitted from its origination point in a line-of- sight path If the final destination is not within line-of-sight access, the network automatically re-routes the data off one or more towers until its destination is reached. Data transmitted using this method travels near the speed of light, allowing high speed internet access to approach speeds of up to 1 GBPs without any problem.
With Microwave Internet, the conversions between copper and fiber optic light are greatly reduced.. There is no trenching or digging. The fiber line doesn't need to be excavated. No heavy-duty digging equipment is needed. Eliminating these 3 things lessen the damage on equipment, reduces man-hours and costs, and doesn't harm the environment. In addition, due to the reduction in hardware, it's possible for the transmission of data via microwave to produce lower latency.

LV.Net's network is built to achieve uptime reliability of 99.999%. We are able to strive for this aggressive benchmark by using licensed carrier-grade radios on every major backbone point; using multiple transit links to towers and a mesh topology to fail over between routes; auto-reporting and alerting of errors on all equipment, allowing us to be proactive in management and maintenance of the network; using a redundant power design; and standardizing all equipment used, keeping it in a static state as a fail-safe measure against equipment failure.

With nearly 20 years experience in the Internet Service Provider industry, LV.Net is excellence personified. Our network is top tier. We are a tried and true source for High Speed Internet access needs. LV.Net's coverage area is impressive, with access to places where more conventional ISPs are not able to function. We offer full-scale wireless and Wi-Fi services to conventions, parking lots, parks, and plots of land in rural locales. In fact, we can even provide service in remote corners of the desert.

LV.Net's Wireless Microwave Internet Service has the ability to cover almost any location and over any area irrespective of weather conditions or altitude. We provide service to multi-family units, casinos, hotels/resorts, and many other types of buildings. Our network extends throughout Southern Nevada, parts of Southern California, areas near the Nevada/Utah border, and parts of Arizona. Our service reaches places where cable and DSL can't.

LV.Net's network is fully capable and actively looking to provide all the wireless internet needs Shoshone, California has. We have the necessary resources to service any size building, structure, location, or swath of land at any time day or night.

Quality is guaranteed when selecting LV.Net as your High Speed Internet Service Provider We will work hard to ensure your internet connection is up regardless of the conditions or circumstances. What we promise our customers is this: maximum internet connectivity minus the hassle. Whether small or large, far or close; LV.Net performs all jobs with the same level of customer care. We will be there and our high speed wireless internet service always on in Shoshone, California.

Have a convention or in need of temporary High Speed Internet 5Mbps to 1000Mbps and up in Shoshone/Tecopa call us now 702.900.0000 for a quote or email us.


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