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Email Spam Filter

Has Your Business Email Been Targeted By Spam?

LV.Net Spam Filtering and Virus Protection Serviceeasily deploy over your existing email network and protect your email system from annoying spam mail and dangerous viruses

LV.Net Spam, Junk Email and Virus Protection Features:

  • Email messages addressed to your mail server pass through the Postini scan for junk email and viruses.
  • Messages determined to be suspicious are stored in a secure, web-based Message Center. Email users login to a password protected personal account where they can read, delete or deliver quarantined messages to their inbox.
  • The LV.Net Message Center will learn and adopt policies based on each email users' actions.
  • The Message Center offers users settings for controlling the sensitivity of the spam detection service.
  • Email users have the ability to completely block senders from a particular domain, or designate approved domains.
  • All quarantined mail is compiled in a list and sent to each email user on a daily basis to ensure only unwanted mail has been retained.
For more information on LV.Net spam filtering services, call us today (702) 900-0000 or if you would like us to call you about purchasing a spam filter for your existing email, complete our Call Back Form. Spam and Virus Protection Call Back Form

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