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Tecopa High Speed Internet

Tecopa High Speed Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi

Are you looking for High Speed Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi in Tecopa, California?
High Speed Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi provided by LV.Net delivers Internet service at the highest quality to our customers in Tecopa, California. Using microwave technology, we have the capability of delivering internet speeds up to 1 Gbps and up in any area; whereas, our competitors cannot. For them, it's too costly to justify the cost of installing their infrastructure. That is not the case for LV.Net. Through the installation of microwave links by LV.Net, you can have reliable and robust internet service in no time and at the fraction of the cost to install expensive fiber cable.

LV.Net's customers can save money using our Wireless Microwave Internet. Our customers have the opportunity to break-even after installing our service much faster than our competitors. Instead of taking years from a fiber cable service provider, customers of LV.Net can mitigate their initial expenses within 3-12 months. Not to mention, by the time you pay off those initial infrastructure and equipment costs, they are obsolete and must be upgraded. By going with a cable provider or telco, those types of expenses will never end . In comparison, LV.Net offers our customers cost certainty and a level of service our customer demand and expect.

Microwave internet works in this fashion: data is transmitted from its origination point in a line-of- sight path. If the final destination is not within line-of-sight access, the network automatically re-routes the data off one or more towers until its destination is reached. Data transmitted using this method travels near the speed of light, allowing high speed internet access to approach speeds of up to 1 GBPs without any problem.

Since LV.Net provides High Speed Wireless Microwave Internet, the conversions taking place between copper and fiber optic light are much less than those experienced using traditional fiber cable. We don't have to trench, dig, or excavate to deliver our service. Roads don't have to be destroyed. As a result, lower latency is reached since the data being transmitted has less impedance to travel through

Our network has an uptime reliability rate of 99.999% LV.Net strive to maintain this level of service by using licensed carrier-grade radios on every major backbone point; using multiple transit links to towers and a mesh topology to fail over between routes; Through auto-reporting and alerting of errors on all equipment, LV.Net is able to be proactive in managing and maintaining its network; using a redundant power design; and standardizing all equipment used, keeping it in a static state as a fail-safe measure against equipment failure.

Two decades of experience in the Internet Service Provider industry demonstrates LV.Net's qualifications and abilities. Our network can match anyone's. We are a proven commodity in this industry. LV.Net's coverage area is expansive, reaching places where traditional ISPs can't. We offer full-scale wireless and Wi-Fi services to parking lots, publicly-owned parks, and large areas of land in rural communities. In fact, we can provide high speed wireless internet service in the desert.
LV.Net's Wireless Microwave Internet Service has the ability to cover almost any location and over any area irrespective of weather conditions or altitude We provide service to multi-family units, casinos, hotels/resorts, and many other types of buildings. Our network extends throughout Southern Nevada, parts of Southern California, areas near the Nevada/Utah border, and parts of Arizona. Our service reaches places where cable and DSL can't.

LV.Net actively seeks to deliver High Speed Wireless Internet Service to Tecopa, California for all its residents and businesses. We have the technical knowledge and resources to provide service anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

By choosing LV.Net as your High Speed Internet Service Provider, quality in service is guaranteed. We work tirelessly to ensure your internet connection is up and running at all times, regardless of any situation. We promise our customers maximum internet connectivity without the hassle. No matter the size of the project, LV.Net will perform every job with the same level of customer care. Our high speed wireless internet service will always be on and our unparalleled service provided to every customer in Tecopa, California.

Have a convention or in need of temporary High Speed Internet 5Mbps to 1000Mbps and up in Shoshone/Tecopa call us now 702.900.0000 for a quote or email us.


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