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Townhouses High Speed Internet

LV.Net delivers the quickest and highest quality high speed Internet to multi-dwelling-unit townhouses.  High speed Wi-Fi Internet is often the most cost effective option for MDU townhouses.  LV.Net maintains available and convenient data centers in Las Vegas with a tier 1 licensed wireless backbone.  These facilities allow LV.Net to install high speed Internet overnight and to deliver performance that matches fiber optic cable.  LV.Net’s microwave network provides the performance of fiber cable Internet without the installation expense of cable and at a fraction of the monthly cost. 

LV.Net’s qualified team will design the entry link with full failover.  We ensure that there will never be a single point that can go down and take the entire network with it.  Our team’s qualified technicians install the network backbone in an owner’s townhouse and link all individual properties to it.  This system provides autonomy to each property with the power of an enterprise grade firewall. 

We provide different plans that allow an MDU townhouse to save by receiving high speed Internet service in bulk through a single network backbone.  High speed Internet service can then be distributed among multiple users through the backbone.  Alternatively, we can also provide service directly to end users when necessary. LV.Net has plans that create additional revenue streams for townhouse owners while still providing the highest quality high speed Internet service to tenants.  Call LV.Net today to review how your MDU townhouse can take full advantage of our high speed Internet service.

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