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Polycom IP 6000

Virtual Numbers Las Vegas
Voice Over Internet Protocol Las Vegas

Similar to the Polycom IP 5000, The Polycom IP 6000 delivers robust SIP interoperability and is compatible with several SIP call platforms.  The clarity in speech heard using the Polycom IP 6000 can turn ordinary conference calls into crystal-clear, interactive conversations that sound as natural as being there in person. The difference is the range of its microphone is greater, from seven feet to twelve, potentially expanding its use.

  • High-fidelity calls up to 14 kHz, twice as much frequency as the IP 5000
  • Superior conference phone experience with no degradation in service
  • 12-foot microphone voice pickup
  • High-resolution display, enabling multi-language support
  • Advanced SIP endpoint software in the VOIP industry, with advanced call handling, security, and provisioning features
  • Compatible with a broad array of SIP call platforms to maximize voice quality

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