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VoIP Features Las Vegas

Virtual Numbers Las Vegas
Voice Over Internet Protocol Las Vegas

Call Forwarding sends your call from one device to another. Great for when you are out of the office and away from your desk.
Call History provides you a list of calls made, received, and missed.
Call Hold allows you to place a caller on hold while you address a particular situation without disconnecting the call. While placed on hold, callers listen to music until the hold is lifted.
Call Hold MusicCustomize your music while the caller is on hold.
Caller ID transmits a caller's name and/or number to your phone.
Conference Bridge is a free service that comes with LV.Net VoIP. It replaces your existing expensive conferencing service byallowing a group of people to participate in a phone call at the same time by dialing into a virtual meeting room from their own phone.
Customized Greetings LV.Net VoIP customers have the ability to customize their greetings as they see fit. Simply provide us with your desired recording and we'll do the rest.
Do Not Disturb is a button on your LV.Net VoIP phone that allows you to make yourself unavailable. When enabled all calls go directly to voicemail.
Extension Transferring allows you to transfer a call to another extension with either an announcement or blind transfer of the call.
Fax-to-Email Feature Have your faxes delivered straight to your inbox.
Find-Me Follow-Me Feature This feature allows you to receive incoming calls at any location (“Find Me”) and over multiple phones(“Follow Me”). Simply designate which phones you want to receive the phone call and how you want them to receive them.
Flat-Rate BillingOne simple bill with no excessive charges. You know right away what you are paying for
Hot-Desking allows you move from phone to phone while keeping the same extension.  To enable it, all you do is login to the phone you're at and all your calls are routed there.
Missed Call Indicator alerts you with a blinking light whenever you miss an incoming call.
Multiple User Voicemail Have multiple users access the same voicemail box. Ideal for collaboration between personnel within a department.
Ring Groups allows you to put certain phones or users into groups and ring everyone in that group simultaneously when the group extension is dialed.
Simultaneous Ring is a premium VoIP service provided by LV.Net that enables all your phones to ring at the same time when called.
Time-Based Routing automatically route your calls internally based on the hours you decide (business hours, lunch breaks, holidays).
Voicemail to Email This cloud-based feature provided by LV.Net VoIP converts your voicemail message to a playable audio file (MP3/WAV), which is then emailed to you.
3-Way Conferencing The ease of using LV.Net 3-Way Conferencing feature involves the pressing of a button on your phone. While you are speaking with one person, dial the second person you wish to invite and press the conference button. It's that simple

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