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Web Site Developer Agency

{"Business Web Development Company"|e}

{"eCommerce Web Development"|e}

{"Market your new or existing products online on a custom Ecommerce website. LV.Net web developers can assist you through all the steps from planning and design of your Ecommerce website, to Shopping Cart setup, product placement and marketing strategies."|e}

{"Real Estate Management System"|e}

{"LV.Net offers custom Real Estate Management Systems for high-profile investors, developers and property managers. With a Real Estate Management System, a company can easily manage clients, potential purchases, Real Estate Opportunities and development processes."|e}

{"Secured Websites (SSL)"|e}

{"SSL Certificates provide secured data transmission between your server and your clients. SSL is required when sensitive data such as credit card information, social security numbers, medical data, and other private data is exchanged."|e}

{"Custom Content Management Systems (CMS)"|e}

{"CMS can be installed on your new or existing website allowing you full control through a customizable control panel. Content Management Systems save time and money by making routine site maintenance, updating content, or addition of features simple and fast."|e}


{"Currently available CMS add-ons"|e}

  • {"Event Calendar"|e}
  • {"Account Management"|e}
  • {"Ad Banner Management"|e}
  • {"Online Classified Section"|e}
  • {"FAQ
  • {"Photo Gallery"|e}
  • {"News"|e}
  • {"Polls"|e}
  • {"Affiliate Management"|e}
  • {"Blog"|e}
  • {"Contact Lists"|e}
  • {"Directory"|e}
  • {"My Page"|e}
  • {"Site Navigation"|e}
  • {"RSS Reader"|e}
  • {"Online Shopping"|e}
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