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Nov 14 2018
Black Friday Special

So, the boss kinda loses his mind to the Holiday Spirit every year. He’s feeling jolly, generous, and we’re half expecting to see him walk through the office in a Santa Claus suit. So, in the spirit of Black Friday (we are an internet company, after all), LV.Net is offering to waive the installation fee on our HomeNet and BizNet packages, for new service quoted in the month of November, 2018.
Yes, you read that right.

NO INSTALLATION FEE in the month of November.

Same great service, no hidden fees or taxes, no sudden fee changes and NO Data Caps.   ...READ MORE

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Nov 05 2018
Startup Weekend Coming to Las Vegas

Startup Weekend brings entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together over three days to build momentum around your community’s unique entrepreneurial identity. Participants have the opportunity to join in this exciting event led by entrepreneurs right here in Las Vegas from November 16-18.
Start-up weekend was founded in 2007 in Colorado by a group of 70 entrepreneurs.  The idea was to try and create a start-up company in just 54 hours.
This shortly expanded to cities around the world in 2010 and registered as a not for profit.
The weekend is split into three sections. Friday night begins with a networking dinner, with   ...READ MORE

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Oct 26 2018
What's the difference between Wireless vs WiFi?

While the terms “wireless” and “Wi-Fi” are often used synonymously, there is a big difference in the technical world.
Wi-Fi is a protocol (digital language) that is used to create a short range wireless connection to a wireline broadband connection, similar to that of a cordless phone connection to a home landline connection (or base).  A router with wireless capability interacts similarly by connecting a device with Wi-Fi capability (your laptop, phone, tablet, etc) to a wired broadband connection. One would use Wi-Fi at home, at a library, or at a coffee shop. Devices such as laptops, phones, televisions, and even   ...READ MORE

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May 03 2018
Residential High Speed Internet
LV.Net’s Residential High Speed Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi service in Las Vegas provides local residents with a fast, reliable, secure, and an always-on internet connection.   ...READ MORE
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Apr 03 2018
Rest in Peace Art Bell

Radio broadcaster Arthur William Bell III passed away today in his home at age 72. Bell is best known for his radio show Coast to Coast AM, which he started in his home studio in Pahrump. As his show gained more interest, he required more bandwidth that the current providers in the area could not provide to deliver his content to the masses. Bell reached out to LV.Net and a partnership was born.

Art allowed us to use space on his tower in exchange for a connection to the internet. This tower space allowed us to provide service to residents   ...READ MORE

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Dec 20 2017
Happy Holidays
Here at LV.Net, we are wishing you and your family Happy Holidays!!
From: Your Las Vegas High Speed Internet Provider   ...READ MORE

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Nov 13 2017
Raiders Stadium Breaks Ground

LV.Net is proud to support the Las Vegas Stadium. The Las Vegas Stadium broke historic ground today. The stadium will be home to the Las Vegas Raiders upon its completion, which is expected to be in time for the 2020 football season. This amazing stadium under construction at Russell Road and Hacienda will cost $1.8 billion and be domed and climate controlled.

The stadium will also be home to both the University of Nevada, Las Vegas football team, and Las Vegas Bowl, which are both currently held at Sam Boyd Stadium. The Las Vegas Stadium will hold 65,000 spectators (expandable to   ...READ MORE

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Jun 19 2017
What Is Fixed Wireless Broadband
What is Fixed Wireless Broadband? 
     When people hear the word fixed wireless internet, they associate "wireless" with mobile devices or Wi-Fi. We would like to give you a description of fixed wireless services are and how they will benefit your internet needs. 
     Fixed wireless broadband is a type of high-speed internet that is an alternative solution to fiber, DSL, and cable. This type of service has been growing popularity with the results of reliability and security that fixed wireless provides. 

Fixed wireless installation is simple and easy to use.
     The installation consists of transmission towers (sometimes call AP   ...READ MORE

Posted by Robert M.

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Aug 08 2016
Internet of Things
I’m sure everyone at least once heard the term “Internet of Things” or “IoT”.  People discuss it in social media, TV shows, professional forums and communities. For most people who do not work closely with the technology field, this term tells either nothing or that they can buy more things through Internet. But at the same time the Internet of Things is considered to be the biggest of all current technology trends.
So what is the Internet of Things? Basically the IoT is a network of multiple devices and data-gathering sensors that interconnect with each other without human involvement. Sensors gather   ...READ MORE

Posted by Olga Furs

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Jun 14 2016
The current fast paced business environment makes it crucial for companies to attract and retain best employees. As in the past the practice of job-hopping is getting less and less attractive for people, they tend to want to stay with the same employer longer than people used to do 10 years ago. (Employee Tenure in 2014, Bureau of Labor Statistics. September 18, 2014)  
Companies who understand the labor market changes have internship programs to involve, teach and eventually hire the best young professionals. Many large corporations have even created their own corporate universities (General Motors (1927!), General Electric, Walt Disney,   ...READ MORE

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