Programming Manager

Department: Programming
Type: Permanent
Work Schedule: Full Time

The Position Requirements:

The position of PROGRAMMING MANAGER has two (2) minimum requirement(s):

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
  2. Sixty (60) months of experience in the job offered, or sixty (60) months of experience in a related occupation.

Duties of the Position:

  • Design and implement new features for LV.Net’s TAC and Portal systems using the PHP programming language,
  • TAC is LV.Net’s custom-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Portal is a customer-facing frontend that integrates with TAC,
  • Maintain integrations between TAC and other systems, including Platypus for billing, Quickbooks for bookkeeping and Kazoo for VOIP telephone system provisioning,
  • Identify new areas for automation within the company and produce detailed technical requirements to implement this automation in TAC and/or Portal.
  • Receive feature requests from other departments, assess their feasibility and priority and translate them into detailed technical requirements,
  • Troubleshoot problems in the systems, identify the root cause and implement patches,
  • Design quality assurance testing and validation procedures with goal of repeatable systematic, automation,
  • Check that changes to the TAC and Portal systems by the company’s other developers meet the company’s coding standards, merge changes into the main code base and deploy changes to production systems,
  • Maintain the infrastructure that hosts TAC and Portal to ensure that it meets the performance needs of the systems and continues to meet the company’s security and resilience requirements,
  • Identify new areas for automation with network equipment such as switches, routers and access points that the company has internally and installs on customers’ premises to reduce the need for in-person configuration and troubleshooting,
  • Provide technical support for software maintenance and use,
  • Supervise and support the programming team to ensure they are able to effectively develop LV.Net’s applications,
  • Assign work to LV.Net’s other programmers based on priority, workload and competence,
  • Lead weekly product meetings with the programming team, record project progress and update the company’s project management software,
  • Instruct the programming team on how to implement complex changes using flowcharts, architecture diagrams and code examples,
  • Evaluate new architectural designs and frameworks in terms of applicability to the business goals,
  • Grow the LV.Net programming team,
  • Develop relationships with feeder institutions such as UNLV and build pipelines to attract new talented programmers to LV.Net,
  • Assess the quality of applicants to programming roles through interviews and tests and make recommendations.

Salary $160,000 per year

We're looking for:

  • Field Techs
  • Admin Assistants
  • Billing Reps
  • Data Entry Clerks
  • Project Managers
  • Sales Reps
  • Tech Support
  • PHP Programmers

We urgently need Field Techs in Las Vegas, Pahrump, Laughlin, Bullhead City and Barstow.