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No matter what application you need a security camera for there are plenty of different options available at LV.Net sure to meet your specific needs.




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High Quality Commercial Grade Security Systems

Commercial security cameras are one of the most basic and essential security solutions out there.

An LV.Net engineer will work with you to create a custom design from the planning stage all the way through to installation and implementation. Since all of our systems are IP-based systems that run on the LV.Net network, we are able to diagnose, monitor and configure all equipment remotely allowing us to guarantee uptime requirements.

All Equipment by US Companies

All equipment used by LV.Net is created by US based companies and not subject to any sanctions. Having high-quality equipment is critical to maximize the reliability and efficiency of your commercial security system. Inexpensive, box store camera kits are notorious for producing a highly compromised security solution.

Residential Security Cameras

Commercial security cameras are one of the most basic and essential security solutions out there.

Our expert team will evaluate the layout of your home before making any recommendations and designing a strategic security system that minimizes blind spots and prioritizes vulnerable locations to keep your home safer.

We work to make sure you’ll always have eyes on emergencies, if and when they occur, and using cutting edge equipment to give you the most possible uptime.

Fast Setup

Don't wait weeks to get connected! Order today and you could be up and running in as little as 24 hours.


Real Time Event Alerting

Don’t settle for a system that just monitors what happens. Our security systems provide real-time alerts to help you intervene faster anytime your business is at risk.

Customer Service by Verified Humans

No recorded messages, no "tell me why you're calling today" and no overseas call centers. Just call, text or email us 24/7 and speak to a verified human in one of our Las Vegas offices.

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